Solar Solutions Conference 2011

2012 Conference Schedule

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April 9, 2012 – Pre-Conference Tour

Hard Hat Happy Hour - Memphis Bioworks Foundation Parking Garage
Monday, April 9, 2012
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

48 S. Dudley
Memphis, TN 38103

In conjunction with the TSI Solar Solutions Conference, please join Memphis Bioworks Foundation for a hard-hat tour of its new urban solar installation. This pre-conference tour and reception will showcase energy efficient lighting (saving Memphis Bioworks thousands of dollars a year) and environmentally friendly modifications to Bioworks’ parking garage, including EV charging stations and a recently installed 750 kW solar array on the rooftop of the garage.

April 10, 2012

8:00 a.m. Welcome – Ballrooms B-E

John Sanseverino , Ph.D., Director of Programs, Tennessee Solar Institute

8:10 a.m. Welcome

Shelby County Mayor Mark H. Luttrell Jr.

8:20 a.m. Introduction of Keynote Speaker

John McCormick , Senior Vice President, River Operations and Renewables, Tennessee Valley Authority

8:30 a.m. Keynote Speaker

Julia Hamm , President & CEO, Solar Electric Power Association. Topic: Tomorrow Power & Light – An Electric Utility of the Future

9:00 a.m. Solar’s Place in a National Energy Policy

The recent recession and rise and fall of energy prices have brought energy usage back into the national spotlight. While the President has created a blueprint for securing America's energy future, the United States does not have a formal national energy policy that embraces the "Three E's": energy security, environmental protection, and economic revitalization. This session will address the issues surrounding the development of a national energy policy and the potential impacts on the economy and the solar industry in particular.

Moderator: Julia Hamm, President & CEO, Solar Electric Power Association

Speakers include:
Representative Steve Cohen, United States Congressman, Tennessee, 9th District
Travis Bradford, President, Prometheus Institute for Sustainable Development, and Professor, University of Chicago
Jeffrey Genzer, Partner, Duncan, Weinberg, Genzer & Pembroke, P.C. and General Counsel for the National Association of State Energy Officers

10:40 a.m. Smart Grid Technology and Integration of Solar and Other Renewables

Incorporation of solar and renewable sources of energy into the electrical grid poses unique challenges. Customers are placing more demand than ever on the grid, while showing zero tolerance for electrical interruptions and price increases. This session will provide an overview of how the grid works, as well as discuss the challenges and solutions of incorporating renewables into the grid.

Moderator: Kevin Lynn, Systems Integration Lead, Department of Energy’s Solar Program

Speakers include:
Rob Manning – Executive Vice President and Chief Energy Delivery Officer, Tennessee Valley Authority
Robert Zavadil – Executive Vice President of Power Systems Consulting, EnerNex Corporation
Jeff Smith – Senior Project Manager, Power Systems Studies, Electric Power Research Institute

12:00 p.m. Lunch Program – Ballroom A

Introductory Comments – Patty West , Director of Renewable Energy Programs, Tennessee Valley Authority

David Millhorn, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, The University of Tennessee

Vice-Admiral Dennis McGinn, President, American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)

2:00 p.m. Parallel Session 1 Ballroom B

Sustainable Building Design and Solar Integration

This session will focus on integrating solar and other energy efficiency technologies into future construction. These technologies are real, are available now and don't necessarily cost more than traditional construction.

Moderator: Edgar Stach, Ph.D., Professor of Architecture and Director, Institute for Smart Structures, University of Tennessee

Panelists include:
Curt Maxey , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Sam DeLay , Sr. Project Mgr., Technology Innovation & Sustainability, Tennessee Valley Authority
Becky Williamson , Strategic Marketing Coordinator, Memphis Light, Gas, & Water

2:00 p.m. Parallel Session 2 Ballrooms C-E

Solar Innovation, Education, and Outreach

This session will provide overviews of strategic programs that are supporting innovation of solar technologies and development of a workforce for the solar manufacturing and deployment industries.

Moderator: John A Hopkins , Ph.D., Director of TN-SCORE, University of Tennessee

Speakers include:
Vijay K. Varadan , Ph.D., Distinguished Professor and 21st Century Nanotechnology Chair, University of Arkansas
Alan Mantooth , Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director of the National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission

3:00 p.m. Break

East Exhibit Hall (Foyer Outside Exhibit Hall)

3:45 p.m. Parallel Session 1 Ballroom B

Innovative Financing and Business Models for Solar Projects

In a period of declining incentives, new models for financing solar arrays are needed. This session will showcase innovative financial models that are proposed and tested at both the regional and national levels

Moderator: Neil Placer, Senior Analyst, Strategic Initiatives, Tennessee Valley Authority

Speakers include:
Andrew Kinross , Director, Energy Division, Navigant Consulting, Inc.
Luke Gebhard , Energy Efficiency Program Director, Nashville Mayor's Office of Environment and Sustainability
Joseph Wiedman – Partner, Law Firm of Keyes, Fox & Wiedman, LLP and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

3:45 p.m. Parallel Session 2 Ballrooms C-E

Tennessee’s Solar Industry and Regional Job Growth

The solar supply chain has grown rapidly in Tennessee, creating jobs and new opportunities for Tennessee business. This session will focus on the status of Tennessee’s solar value chain, factors that will influence future growth and the national solar jobs outlook.

Moderator: John Sanseverino, Ph.D., Director of Programs, Tennessee Solar Institute

Speakers include:
John Sanseverino , Ph.D., Director of Programs, Tennessee Solar Institute
Rupy S. Sawhney , Ph.D., Professor, Department of Industrial and Information Engineering, University of Tennessee
Andrea Luecke , Executive Director, The Solar Foundation
Dean Solon, President & CEO, Shoals Technology Group

April 11, 2012

8:00 a.m. Welcome Ballroom A

Stacey S. Patterson, Ph.D, Assistant Vice-President for Research, University of Tennessee

8:10 a.m. Welcome

Memphis Mayor A C Wharton

8:20 a.m. Welcome

Jerry Collins, President, Memphis, Light, Gas, & Water

8:30 a.m. The Sunshot Initiative – Getting to $1 per Watt

The Department of Energy has set a goal of reducing the installed cost of PV to $1 per watt by the end of the decade. DOE has made strategic investments in market transformation, extreme balance of system, and projects to reduce non-hardware balance of systems costs. This session highlights three key projects from DOE’s programs

Moderator: Kevin Lynn , Systems Integration Lead, Department of Energy’s Solar Program

Speakers include:
Bruce Tonn , Ph.D., Professor of Political Science, University of Tennessee
Joseph Goodman, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Joseph Wiedman , Partner, Law Firm of Keyes & Fox LLP and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council

10:00 a.m. Special Plenary Session:

A German Perspective: Energy Security, Economic Growth, and Renewable Energy Policy – Ballroom A

Mr. Klaus Hoppe , Head of Energy Department at the Environmental Protection Agency for the City of Freiburg, Germany

10:30 a.m. How Do We Make Tomorrow Power & Light a Reality?

The conference starts with Julia Hamm’s futuristic vision of Tomorrow Power & Light, an electric utility with solar and renewables as a major component of its production portfolio. Julia’s vision has four major components: a national energy policy, utility financing, adoption of smart-grid technology and energy storage, and market alignment. Solar industry leaders will converge in a roundtable format for a lively conversation around topics such as: how these components will unfold, the importance of their sequential order, and the key attributes which will most significantly impact their alignment.

Moderator: Neil Placer, Senior Analyst, TVA

Speakers include:
Julia Hamm , President & CEO, Solar Electric Power Association
Andrew Kinross , Director Energy Division, Navigant Consulting, Inc.
Robert Zavadil – Executive Vice President of Power Systems Consulting, EnerNex Corporation
Klaus Hoppe, Head of Energy Department at the Environmental Protection Agency of the City of Freiburg, Germany

Noon Tours

Agricenter International 1 MW Tour, Green Ribbon Cutting and Reception, was followed by the UT Living Light House Tour

Agricenter International is the host site of a brand new 996 kW single-axis tracking system solar array, the largest such system in Tennessee. The system incorporates 4,160 locally manufactured Sharp Solar panels mounted on an Array Technologies tracking platform, which increases the solar production by about 20%. Project partners, including system owner Silicon Ranch, Agricenter International and LightWave Solar celebrated the commissioning of this new array with an educational tour, Green Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 1:30pm, and a post-ceremony reception. Transportation to the site was provided courtesy of the Memphis and Shelby County Office of Sustainability on MATA’s beautiful new hybrid electric buses.

The Living Light House Tour
University of Tennessee's 2011 DOE Solar Decathlon Challenge Entry, the Living Light House, located at Shelby Farms Park

The 750-square-foot home placed eighth overall (out of 19 teams) in the US Department of Energy’s 2011 Solar Decathlon, an international competition in which collegiate teams design, build, and run energy-efficient, solar-powered homes. The team tied for first place in two judged categories and finished third in two others.

The home showcases how solar technology can maximize energy efficiency and sustainability. It also demonstrates how thoughtful design and technology can be used to create greater efficiencies in homes and businesses.